aug 18

sunday bloody sunday

 If you know David Sedaris, you know his redneck brother, The Rooster. Some Rooster news for you: he just got married, he has his own hardwood floor company, and he's selling You Can't Kill The Rooster T-shirts.

 Potentially great news: This American Life stories might be made into movies.

 NY Times Magazine interviews Jesse Ventura, and is the first to discover why he's not running again: the pay sucks (the last question).

 The French, they have a word for everything, even if you have to spell it backwards. Verlan is a popular slang in which standard French spellings or syllables are reversed or recombined, or both.

 Hooters airline?

 Newsweek story on blogging.

 To accompany this week's Food Issue of the New Yorker, the website has dragged out some classic food articles, including Lillian Ross' 1945 piece on the first frozen dinners, Rex Lardner's 1950 ode to flipping pancakes, and Nora Ephron's 1997 tribute to the doughnut.

Sunday Music Supplement:

 Liza Richardson is the Music Director at KCRW and she's in the Apple Switch campaign.

 Beck has officially told MTV that The Flaming Lips will become his backing band on tour. Also, be sure to listen to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic interview and peformance with The Lips.

 The Nation has more predictable Dylan reflections.

 Neil Strauss on the Rise and Fall of the Backstreet Boys.

 Review of Autechre's Gantz Graf EP.

 There's a scene in High Fidelity (the movie) in which John Cusack's character is in bed with his girlfriend, who will later hook up the guy who lives upstairs. The girlfriend is seen reading Love Thy Neighbor, a book by Peter Maass who has a blog where today he explains how his book ended up in the movie.

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