aug 20


 I don't drink soda, but I always like to try the new drinks on the market. I haven't seen Dr. Pepper Red Fusion yet. I wonder if it will suck as much as Pepsi Blue.

 The buzz has begun over Push, Nevada, ABC's upcoming interactive tv drama in which people gather clues to win money. Zap2It has all the previews, there's a Push, NV guide and is the site where it will all go down (currently password-protected).

 I just got my new Taschen catalogue in the mail, which I always discover something new in. This time, it was Leni Riefenstahl's Africa. Also of note: yes, Leni is still alive, and she turns 100 this week.

 osEarth's Global Simulation Workshop is working on game simulations for managing the earth's resources. The resource lab page has games and demographics.

 Transhumanist Resources.

 Buffy Calls Dr. Laura.

 I shouldn't be surprised that there's a The Bible for Dummies, should I?

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