aug 23


 I never would've thought the first entirely Flash news website would be a newspaper, much less the Washington Post. If you bother to register for the trial offer, you'll see that it gives you access to the entire paper as it was designed in print. Like, even the ads. In itself, that's been done before, but it was always as a PDF. This one's entirely in Flash. The naysayers will simply say "replicating your old media product isn't what the internet is about." However, this thing does work remarkably well.

 Much of Jimmy Fallon's new album is available at MTV. I'd describe it as the worst Beck album ever -- which is still better than the best possible Adam Sandler album.

 Email with words in the subject line that you want Google to search and it will instantly email you back with search results.

 You know that feeling you get when you discover your favorite unknown band suddently turns out to be famous? That's the way I felt when the Tina Fey fan sites started appearing, and that's now the way I feel about Ellen Feiss. There are even T-Shirts.

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