aug 24

about a song

 Layne has a killer assessment of American Psycho today. The trajectory of my relationship to Ellis is the opposite. I first found his book perfectly representative of the 80s, and then later I sadly realized that it was perfectly representative of the 80s.

 Holy Cow! Hindus Eat Meat.

 Are You A Living Computer Simulation? --Nick Bostrom, Department of Philosophy, Yale University.

 Take the Google Quiz!

 Sigur Ros' next album: ..

 Have a special song that you're absolutely certain contains hidden knowledge which only you are privy to? Then go to and spill the truth. Picking out some groups randomly, here's Beck, Wilco, Sonic Youth. The place is full of meaningless comments, but also some great one's such as a post about Nirvana's "About A Girl" where one person postulates the song is... about a girl.

 Where were you when I needed you?

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