aug 29

burning man

 I dropped off my roommate at the airport this morning. He got on a plane, and headed toward Burning Man. This year, he's the only person I know who's going. Previous years, I've known dozens. But why enrollment decreased at a place with Burning Man Girls Gone Wild tapes and extreme media regulations is a mystery to me.

 Salon is running a Cory Doctorow short story.

 If the SF Gate is recommending the new Gene Simmons magazine, we've truly hit a new low in the quality of magazine publishing.

 Ever wondered why people walk up/down stairs, but when they get on an escalator, they suddenly stop? If you're an economist, you might seriously dwell on this question.

 New Yorker article looks at the phenom of traffic.

 I've seen the future, and the future is... Sacramento?

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