aug 31


 I pretty sure I've never said this in my life, so here goes: I need a vacation. So where should I go? I'm leaning toward either Paris or Japan. Yeah, like usual with me: culture or technology?

 Barb has a new AJR column, a comparison between tv and newspaper websites. It was the first time she's actually asked me to read it before sending it to the editors. (I've pretened to not be offended by this, but she claims it was because I give critcism that destroys entire tracts.) At this very moment, Barb is somewhere in Kentucky, en route to Minneapolis after leaving her one-year stint at and coming home.

 There's been a lot of buzz about the new Tablet PC coming out this Fall. They're expensive, but Anil Dash thinks they'll survive, so I do now too.

 Hah, I just caught a flash of a re-run of the MTV Music Video Awards, and they have removed the Eminem-Moby death match.

 Holy shit.

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