sep 5

sound unseen

 The non-fisticuffs continue in the Andrew Sullivan / Kurt Andersen celebrity blog death match. Sullivan: "But will bloggers actually deeply undermine editorial and corporate power in the media? So far I think the answer is no. Blogs aren't replacing mainstream media; they're infiltrating, supplementing, and buttressing it." Andersen: "Hey, Andy! Does anyone ever call you Andy? I assume not." And also this parenthetical, which I totally concur with: "(By the way, why doesn't Michael Kinsley blog here under the Slate umbrella? I'd PayPal for that.)"

 Bye, bye, we hardly knew ya.

 CP thinks the Xenakis remix album (and I had to search in the "Classical" section of Amazon to find it) is good.

 I guess I shouldn't be so befuddled by AJR profiling The Onion, but yet I am.

 For local-yocals, mark your calendars (Sept. 20-27) for one of the events that makes these twin cities great: Sound Unseen.

 Also for locals, my pal Brooke Burgess of Broken Saints is speaking at the Walker tonight. Broken Saints just finished up chapter 20, and it's become an amazing story.

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