sep 7

tupac and biggie

 Sunday Times Mag has a huge spread on the Twin Towers. You can spend all afternoon there.

 The L.A. Times almost flatly says Biggie paid for Tupac's murder. Good long-form investigative journalism. Spend your evening there.

 New Almodovar flick.

 New Stereolab site.

 I haven't talked too much about it here, but the "new" Rolling Stone has been the lips of most people I hang with lately. The new editor, Ed Needham formerly at FHM, has been getting slammed by most industry press, almost as much as that dumb Maxim guy. Anyway, John Scalzi has an interesting critique of the new RS.

 Times op-ed declares settling the Great Plains one of America's biggest mistakes. "In North Dakota, 47 of 53 counties lost population, and at this rate it'll eventually have to merge again with South Dakota to create a single state of Dakota."

 Slate reviews chain restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, P.F. Chang's, Wolfgang Puck CafĂ©, and Chevy's).

 Super deal on the Pocket PC Phone at And Nokia has announced a new camera phone.

 Sullivan replies: "Hi Kurtie, Does anyone ever call you Kurtie? I assume not."

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