sep 10

saddam killed the radio star

 Saddam as Britney? According to PBS Frontline, every night Iraqi television broadcasts a Saddam Hussein music video. The site has actual video for two of them. Stunning.

 Internet = Weird. Barbie dolls dressed up as movie stars. "My Shirley Temple" is creepy. Ultimately weird, is the faux Sharon Stone with a link to "Adult Content" at the bottom of the page.

 Salon: Forbidden Thoughts About 9/11.

 Jeff Tweedy and Jim O'Rourke recorded album together.

 For edgy lit types, BookPunk has videos from So New Media Punk/Lit Jam.

 Gawd, I can remember the first issue of USA Today, and it turns 20 years old this week. Interview with the publisher.

 If you're looking to surf the blogosphere, I suppose this is the place to go.

 Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home on sale at eBay.

 One year ago today, I got on a plane headed toward Hong Kong. While over the Pacific, airplanes were flying into skyscrapers back home. Hong Kong, already a mysterious and contradictory place, came to signify all things ponderous about the world.

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