sep 12

smithers: finally

 I watched Clinton on Letterman last night. He was great. I think it took a dolt like Bush to make me appreciate Clinton, who now more than ever seems to "get it." When I see Bush speak, I always worry that I know about whatever topic is being discussed. (The Post has a round-up.)

 All the critics are talking about The Rise of Anthony Lane today.

 Jeremy Allaire, the guy who created ColdFusion and the current CTO of Macromedia (and the guy whose software I use all day), has his own blog.

 Jacques Herzog, who designed the new Tate and the Walker expansion here in town, attacks the MoMA and the Gehry Bilbao Guggenheim.

 Pulp Simpsons.

 Wow. Cup Stacking Champion Video.

 Beck and Flaming Lips announce tour dates. The tour opens here in Minneapolis.

 Audio: Wallace Steven's "The Snowman" recited into voice-mail from a cell phone while parked at various locations.

 I don't know if the original 9/11 thread at Metafilter was the largest (492 comments), but the new thread on The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy (which I blogged in friggin March) looks like it could be a contender.

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