sep 14

six minneapolis links

All Local Today:

 Tom Stoppard's newest, Hapgood, started yesterday at The Jungle Theater here in Minneapolis.

 The Rake has a short piece about Minnesota geocachers. No mention made, however, of the Minnesota Geocaching League.

 A few weeks ago, City Pages did a parody piece on Jesse Ventura, which apparently many people didn't understand as a parody. This month, The Rake did a parody piece on Garrison Keillor, which apparently many people didn't understand as a parody of the City Pages. I think.

 Minneapolis photo blogger:

 A guy I work with does this site:

 Minnesota Bloggers list is growing.

 Sarah Vowell was on Conan a couple nights ago, and mentioned the famous Pitchfork Fondue in Medora, ND. Today, Chuck Haga at The Strib has a story about western North Dakota, which includes a slideshow with the Pitchfork Fondue. (Sidenote: Is Sarah Vowell cute? This is a question that I've been debating with a few friends. I should make a poll.)

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