sep 17

smack tix

 Yope, I scored smack Beck/Flaming Lips tix this morn. Emmanuelle interviewed him recently and has a tidbit about the indie prince: he's now a scientologist. I'm not sure what to do with this scrap of knowledge. I'm just shrugging now.

 "Badass" and "Ass-Backwards" make the OED. has a post about Eggers' 826 Valencia, which I've been wondering about. Every issue of Might on sale for $10? Dude, I'm so there. I lost everything I owned in a fire in '97, and the Might collection is currently #6 on the list of things I'd like to have back. (Some things that beat it: every Beatles album on original vinyl and a crappy novel.)

 E! interviews Tina Fey, plus a short video clip of her talking about being given the head writer slot on SNL.

 Push, NV premiers tonight. The Push Times is a fake newspaper for the titular city, complete with fake skyscraper ads that go to the Push Toyota dealer website. This is gonna be fun... (NYTimes story.)

 Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi are released on DVD today. The final film in the trilogy, Naqoyqatsi, opens in theaters Oct. 18.

 I missed this one on 9/11, but I luv it: A modest proposal to change the national anthem to Curtis Mayfield's "Don't Worry (If There's a Hell Below We're All Going To Go)."

 Margaret Atwood reviews Ursula Le Guin's new story collection: "She demonstrates once again why she is the reigning queen of... but immediately we come to a difficulty, for what is the fitting name of her kingdom?"

 All the bigshots are in Berkeley today.

 Online Journalism Awards Finalists announced.

 Pst, Morrissey's back.

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