sep 21


 A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that Jeremy Allaire had started his own blog, but I expected what you usually get from most celeb blogs: a flury of updates for a couple days followed by nothing, and then a dead website within a week. But not only has he kept it updated, but he's already inventing new tools for bloggers to use. AudioBlog allows you to quickly add audio compontents to your blog. For those not familiar with the new Communications Server, here is how AudioBlog works. loves the new Beck.

 New claustrophobic trailer: Phone Booth.

 Giving the finger to... who?

 Darn. Anthony Lane is reading tonight at the Ruminator, but I have other plans.

 Drudge: FOX planning Pop Idol President.

 The Forbes Fictional Fifteen.

 If you haven't caught it yet, most of the new Wired is about wireless tech.

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