sep 24

slash 'em

 Buffy season premiere is tonight. I could give you tons of links to tons of spoilers, but let's not bother this time.

 Beck is on Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning. Also, Emmanuelle has hedged her assessment about Beck and Scientology. Read the interview. Q: "So, are you a member?" A: "As I said, I've been around it my whole life." Beck is on the Tonight show tomorrow night.

 For the digi-art set, Mark Amerika has a new piece up: Film Text. Interesting use of placing chrome Flash interfaces over real landscapes.

 "The Bomb Project is a comprehensive on-line compendium of nuclear-related links, imagery and documentation."

 I missed the local Blog Meetup and the Slashdot Meetup, but by the looks of the latter, it was a geek emporium.

 For geeks: the new specs for XHTML 2.0 are almost finished, and there's a lot to start thinking about, such as no more <br> and <b>, and adding href to common attribute collection, which enables things like <li href="">.

 NBC might buy Bravo.

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