sep 25


 Is this becoming a Beck blog? Anyway, he's on Leno tonight.

 Slate writes about the new Ikea ad.

 I missed Buffy last night. My stupid VCR recorded the History channel instead of UPN. Is it trying to tell me something? Yourish has the blog roundup.

 Voice: Haruki Murakami vs. the End of the World

 Metafilter has a post on Nawal El Saadawi, which is worth a look if you're unfamiliar with her.

 For local yokels, Dara looks at Minneapolis' sweet sushi scene.

 Riot grrl nostalgia?

 The 2002 MacArthur Fellowships were just announced. If you happen to get one, you get $500,000 over five years. The only names I recognize are Katherine Boo and Colson Whitehead.

 Jonathan Franzen interviewed in The New Yorker. Also, long Zacarias Moussaoui piece.

 NY Times: Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments

 New Nirvana album will actually be released.

 Christian hip-hop gets its own magazine: Feed.

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