sep 26

NY Hipster

 The Guardian compares the Roman Empire to the American Empire. Meanwhile, Saddam pulls the plug on Survivor: Baghdad. And the Atlantic Monthly looks at possible outcomes of a war with Iraq.

 The Mike Tyson spot that FOX pulled off the air, plus other current commercials of note.

 Just Switch, monkey.

 TalkingPoints says Christopher Hitchens is leaving The Nation.

 The New York Press annual "Best Of" issue is out, and rather than actually organize the content, they put it all one one gigantic page.

 The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum, "a blog dedicated to all the absurd and annoying things New York City hipsters do, say, wear, and probably, think." Nate questions his placement.

 One Year Ago Today I had three links on my blog about how America was reacting post-9/11. Interesting to look at upon reflection.

 I had fun stumbling through my mediocre French skills while reading Emmanuelle's Beck article.

 A few days ago I linked to Now there's a parody:

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