oct 3

google's origin

 Here's a cool find. In January of 1996, a student at Stanford was asking the comp.lang.java group for advice on setting HTTP headers for a "web robot." That student was Larry Page, who is now president of a very big web robot known as Google. Some guy named Joseph Millar provided an answer on the newsgroup, but, well, he ain't famous now.

 Decent Wall Street Journal interview with Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster.

 You won't get it unless you're part of the community, but this is the best Metafilter thread of all time.

 In college we all loved John Frusciante and hated the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Slate.com gets close to understanding why.

 Cleveland Free Times and New Times Los Angeles shut down by Village Voice Media and New Times, respectively.

 Tina Brown's debut column in the Times of London.

 New Scientist has a good design/usability interview with Donald Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things.

 Matos reviews Lifter Puller in Village Voice and nails the Minneapolis aesthetic perfectly at the same time.

 Really good new issue of Shift, which contains a BrokenSaints article.

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