oct 9


 I think this is new. I'm not even sure. It looks like Amazon.com has "beta" categories for "Industrial Suppplies" and "Car Parts" and "Medical Supplies".

 New benefit album featuring Black Flag covers is out. Includes Exene Cervenka, Ween, Mike Patton, Ice T, Slayer, Lemmy, Rancid, Chuck D, and of course lots of Henry Rollins.

 New Voice Literary Supplement.

 The Guardian investigates the radical Iranian underground.

 Ben Katchor's comic strip in Metropolis magazine is one of my favorite obscure media delights. Here's the most recent. Also of architectural note: The New Yorker asks if this is the ugliest building in NYC. If this rattles your ionic columns, this is also worth a visit: The Architecture Hate Page.

 Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle has never been played in entirety in one place. But if you live in Paris, you could witness the first time.

 Slashdot thread on Alternative Media Art.

 This is not The Onion: Punk fans set rock critic straight about their scene.

 New trailers: Michael Moore attacks guns with bare fists in Bowling for Columbine, Salma Hayek goes monobrow in Frida, and Mike Leigh does his best Woody Allen impression with All Or Nothing.

 The New Republic has a Guide to the Iraq Debate. The same issue also asks is Zadie Smith a pseudonym for Dave Eggers?

 City Paper in Philly has a couple okay articles: Blue Books: talking with the 'sex worker literati' and Designer Labeled: a new book and exhibit ask 'What Is Design Today?'

 Lit notes: Milan Kundera's new book, Ignorance, was released last week. And Umberto Eco's third novel, Baudolino, is out next week.

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