oct 10

sheela na gig

 I've finished setting up the wireless network (Wi-Fi) at home, so if you live in the Kenwood area of Minneapolis, you can probably score some from free broadband from me.

 For PJ Harvey or Norman architecture fans (and everyone in between!): The Sheela Na Gig Project.

 David Sedaris is on tour, and coming to a town near you.

 Wired News is covering Howard Reingold's Smart Mobs. frontwheeldrive.com also has an interview with him.

 Large collection of gay ads: The Commercial Closet.

 Lego Escher.

 The Erotics of Type.

 You know how people complain that the internet is really turning into stupid flash animations and real content is disapearing? This is what they're talking about.

 Rikki Rockett of Poison now decorates toilets for fun.

 Scary! When Republicans Use Flash.

 Ferris Bueller's Day Off original script.

 Conan O'Brien Celebrity Secrets from Slash, Shatner, Gwyneth, Fabio, and Snoop.

 Where's Cronenberg when you need him? Exotic car crashes.

 I picked up a copy of Res magazine for the first time in forever, and was pleased to see that it's really transformed itself in the last year or two. The camera geekfest that was Res has been turned into a "Film, Music, Art, Design, Culture" rag. Profiles of Godfrey Reggio and Chris Cunningham and the music video player are worthwhile dips into digi-film culture.

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