oct 16


 3am has the final word on that weird Hunter S. Thompson / Jerry Seinfeld / Asterisk thing, which is impossible to explain in a sentence. This is the lit prank of the decade, so read up. (According to this, Hunter "applauds" the entire stunt.) [Sidenote: Beck and Seinfield were both on the Tonight Show some night last week. When Beck came over for his 10-seconds of face-time with Leno after playing, he off-the-cuff asked Seinfeld "who's Asterisk?" Seinfeld stuttered through saying he knew but didn't know.]

 The Rules of Attraction (movie based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel) website is alright.

 Slate.com is so good at answering the questions of the day: What Happens to Recalled Meat? and Why Are Congressional Web Sites (Usually) Worthless?

 National Post looks at Eggers and selling out.

 Krispy Kreme nutritional information (PDF).

 The Voice has a good article about tattoos, which isn't really an article so much as a series of blurbs. There's also a short piece about Resfest, which a few people have emailed me about, since mentioning Res magazine a few days ago.

 The preview to the first film in the second season of BMWfilms, Hostage, directed by John Woo, is out.

 Back in my college days, I would occasionally book bands. There was this undiscovered band from Duluth called Low that I really liked to bring to town. Now, they do Gap commercials and Thom York plugs them, so me saying their new album, Trust, is really great doesn't really matter anymore.

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