may 6


With The Hills and Gossip Girls playing back to back, Monday nights are suddenly tv chaos. Like a true battle between east and west, the recaps are becoming a high art genre unto themselves: Daily Intel on Gossip Girl vs. Songs about Buildings and Food on The Hills.


i wish i hadn't read the spoilers for last nights GG, it would have been much better unspoiled. damn you internet!

also, dan is a total ass. at the beginning of the season i never would have thought that i'd totally adore chuck, but there you go.

posted by kitty holmes at 7:38 PM on May 6, 2008

Can someone please tell me why smart US blogs are suddenly embracing the lowest grade of vacuous brain excrement?

Is this the new disease M. Night Shyamalan is featuring in his new film? Or is this Iraq War distraction therapy?

posted by dave at 5:07 AM on May 7, 2008

uh, because (and i'm talking about gossip girl, i don't watch the hills, though i imagine it's the same.) it's ENTERTAINING. and i also watched the frontline about the war on sunday as well, which was 4 hours. and one of my favorite shows ever is the wire, which is probably the polar opposite of the hills/gossip girl.

if it was all seriousness all the time those of us who didn't vote for bush would probably be holed up in a cabin with some guns for the last few years, or possibly moved to canada, which i'd rather not do as cabins tend to not have internet access or cable tv, and canada is much colder than california.

speaking of the happening, did they re-write that or what? the original trailer is really different than the newer one. still looking forward to it. i actually liked the village.

posted by kitty holmes at 3:40 PM on May 7, 2008

Wanna understand America? Watch The Hills and Gossip Girl. That's all I can say. You can hate it, you can love it, I don't really care, but you should watch it on repeat, over and over.

And if you think that's a "political" statement, it completely misses the point.

Also: Frontline, great.

posted by Rex at 3:43 AM on May 8, 2008

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