may 9

Open Thread

This is an open thread. I would actually like to hear what you want more or less of from this site, but you can say whatever the fuck you want.


Maybe it's just me, but I'm running the latest version of Firefox on Windows XP and can't get the music player to ever work. Outside of that, I can't think of much.

posted by Kiyoshi Martinez at 10:49 AM on May 9, 2008

Dammit. Cannot replicate!

posted by Rex at 10:55 AM on May 9, 2008

I think your a self important prick that thinks he should be famous but dammit I really like this website and you'd probably be a fun guy to hang out with.

posted by tom at 11:08 AM on May 9, 2008

more pictures, fewer words.

posted by geoff at 11:11 AM on May 9, 2008

Hah. That is one thing that definitely won't happen. Well, maybe the few words part.

posted by Rex at 11:13 AM on May 9, 2008

never change

but if you do, more julia allison.

posted by henry at 11:13 AM on May 9, 2008


posted by ryan at 11:15 AM on May 9, 2008

more of the same, but with less the hills and other tween stuff.

oh and more "via" links. :-)

posted by adm at 11:17 AM on May 9, 2008

This site's RSS feeds doesn't include timestamps so it's as if you're posing everything right at midnight. It used to be difficult in determining if you got the scoop before BoingBoing did, but being they're usually a week late now it's not such a big deal.

I'm an RSS bitch, I guess.

posted by Aaron at 11:18 AM on May 9, 2008

Less Tween? NEVER.

posted by Rex at 11:19 AM on May 9, 2008

What's RSS?

posted by Rex at 11:23 AM on May 9, 2008

Oh, RSS? "Those are letters that don't make any sense."

posted by Aaron at 11:24 AM on May 9, 2008

more stuff like so I can impress my friends at work

posted by Jeff Gray at 11:27 AM on May 9, 2008

More good stuff. Less bad stuff.

posted by JV at 11:34 AM on May 9, 2008

Nuance, this blog needs more NUANCE.

posted by krucoff at 11:35 AM on May 9, 2008

I love you just the way you are Rex. But join the married ranks already so you quit posting the singles stuff... :P

posted by Mikey at 11:36 AM on May 9, 2008

Okay, MOM.

posted by Rex at 11:39 AM on May 9, 2008

I love you just the way you are Rex. But join the married ranks already so you quit posting the singles stuff... :P

Whatever you do, Rex, do not do that!

posted by Aaron at 11:40 AM on May 9, 2008

I don't even know why married people have blogs.

posted by Rex at 11:41 AM on May 9, 2008

I missed your tech predictions this year. I'd like to see more interviews.

just don't move Fimoc to a Tumblr.

posted by rico at 11:46 AM on May 9, 2008

Nuance is for Tumblr.

posted by Rex at 11:47 AM on May 9, 2008

post more links from Marrina

posted by taylor at 11:49 AM on May 9, 2008


posted by Rex at 11:52 AM on May 9, 2008

I dig your stuff, just more of the same!

Also, Oprah's Vajayjay.

posted by Evan at 11:53 AM on May 9, 2008

whatever? I barely even know 'er!

posted by LS at 11:54 AM on May 9, 2008

What exactly do you DO? Just blog and Twitter? I'd like to know what kind of a job I can get and how to get there.

posted by Amanda at 11:54 AM on May 9, 2008

Fewer open threads.

posted by Lock at 12:21 PM on May 9, 2008

...just don't move Fimoc to a Tumblr.

I second that motion. I love Tumblr, but Fimoculous isn't Tumblr.

posted by Aaron at 12:22 PM on May 9, 2008

Aaron is to RSS as the Soup Nazi is to Soup

posted by solace at 12:24 PM on May 9, 2008

Make ZuDfunck a popular site for NASCAR fans.

posted by ZuDfunck at 12:28 PM on May 9, 2008

More awesomely bad music, fewer Julia Allison mentions...please and thank you.

posted by Hassan at 12:35 PM on May 9, 2008

Don't let the big city do to you what it did to Craig Finn. (Don't ever make me go through your fucking publicist.)

posted by stevemarsh at 12:37 PM on May 9, 2008

more luxury parties, less luxury partays, know what I mean?

posted by Chris at 12:42 PM on May 9, 2008

More Rex. Seriously. The links are great and are sufficiently different from Waxy and Kottke, but it's your thoughts that are the draw.

Oh, also: less spam comments. Sorry dude, but that's really effin' annoying.

posted by Nav at 12:49 PM on May 9, 2008

I stopped reading fimoculous some time ago. Maybe about the time you said something like "transparency is only for those who have nothing to hide" or some other alarmingly corporatist tripe. I seldom followed the endless parade of links testifying to your utterly conventional desires and indiscriminate appetite for images, verbiage, and gadgets, anyway.

(Is that the sorta thing you're looking for?)

posted by Kevin at 12:53 PM on May 9, 2008

Rico: Yeah, I was too busy at the end of last year to do the predix. However, I'm actually thinking about double-posting everything on Fimoc to Tumblr. (All of my NYC friends are on it. I'm missing the stupid reblogging ecosystem.)

Amanda: Right now, I do consulting for media companies and startups. On the side, I'm working on my own startup. In the past, I've worked for big media, running/producing/designing/developing a lot of different sites.

posted by Rex at 1:03 PM on May 9, 2008

This would be better if Max was here.

posted by JACC at 1:03 PM on May 9, 2008

Nav: yeah, spam has become a problem in the past couple weeks. Working on it...

posted by Rex at 1:04 PM on May 9, 2008

I would like this thread to focus on what people want more or less from Tumblr.

posted by Karp's Vagina at 1:07 PM on May 9, 2008

Kevin: So, like, more Hills links?

posted by Rex at 1:11 PM on May 9, 2008

good links. more rex would be good. links are everywhere, but you are here.

posted by Kurt at 1:13 PM on May 9, 2008

and by "startup" you mean porn right?

posted by ryanol at 1:18 PM on May 9, 2008

LOLCats. Kittys + bad grammar = awesome.

posted by sherzy at 1:19 PM on May 9, 2008

More Jews.

posted by They all look the same at 1:21 PM on May 9, 2008

New idea: a Tumblr theme that is Fimoc's design. Who wants an afternoon project?

posted by Rex at 1:32 PM on May 9, 2008

more about your trying to emulate chuck bass' attire

posted by kelly at 1:55 PM on May 9, 2008

The transformation must be subtle. First scarves, then frills, then tousled hair, then popped collars. By July, you'll want to rumble with the bad boy.

posted by Rex at 2:01 PM on May 9, 2008

Pictures of Naked Blakeley.

posted by Hot 24 Year Old Tumblr Girls at 2:05 PM on May 9, 2008

Lockhart, how many times do I have to tell you, Krucoff HAS THE PICS.

posted by Rex at 2:12 PM on May 9, 2008

More. Not less.

posted by justin at 2:13 PM on May 9, 2008

NYC friends? Dude, it's called "mutually benefiting relationships."

posted by Klosterman's Fist at 2:13 PM on May 9, 2008

you definitely need to name-drop celebrities more and tell us about those blog parties you attend. I can't tell you how excited I get reading about your drinking gin & tonics.

posted by alpobreath at 2:17 PM on May 9, 2008

I thought that was dating.

posted by Rex at 2:18 PM on May 9, 2008

Whah? This has never happened. First of all, I hate gin.

posted by Rex at 2:20 PM on May 9, 2008

After reading Fimoculous I get depressed. You should be banned from the Internet.

posted by Boinkingtweenology at 2:29 PM on May 9, 2008

dude had a red mustang. just sayin.

posted by taulpaul at 3:15 PM on May 9, 2008

OK, here I am. i'll be brief: more Julia, Kanye and the Hills.
@taylor: respect. I'm a huge fan.

posted by marrina at 3:15 PM on May 9, 2008

i've been reading the feed for so long i didn't know you site comments.

and what they guy said about injecting more of your opinions.

posted by kelton at 3:20 PM on May 9, 2008

Some of this feels like a thread. This scares me a bit.

posted by Aaron at 3:20 PM on May 9, 2008

Not anymore!

posted by Rex at 3:24 PM on May 9, 2008

get your own blog TaulPaul!

posted by marrina at 3:24 PM on May 9, 2008

Marrina, where have you been all day? And, omg, I haven't asked yet... do you get to stay in this fucked up country, or what?

posted by Rex at 3:26 PM on May 9, 2008

ah, you know me- I was at a photo shoot this morning...sooo, I just hired a new attorney yesterday, my old one is pissed at me, I need to make a trip home in 3 weeks... ah, let me tell you, my life is all about international mystery and drama..

posted by marrina at 3:28 PM on May 9, 2008

Having a tumblr account isn't like having a real blog Marrina. It's like talking about your baby's poop, you're the only one interested in it's contents.

If I want to go look at baby shit, I'll head over to Mediation. j/k Taylor

posted by taulpaul at 3:29 PM on May 9, 2008

@taulpaul:don't be hatin'.

posted by marrina at 3:36 PM on May 9, 2008

Awe c'mon taulpaul. Just wait until the midwest figures out Tumblr. I think Marrina and Taylor are intentionally or not riding on the front edge of it for their kind of content. That and, well, once it catches on in places outside of NY and SF Twitter might become palatable again!

(P.S. I can't believe people are starting to "retweet" things. A square peg in a 140 character round hole. Garr! I'm going to Twitter about this now. Ha.)

posted by Aaron at 3:36 PM on May 9, 2008

Speaking of lawyers, Rex couldn't even stand up to old man Keillor...pussy.

posted by taulpaul at 3:38 PM on May 9, 2008

I've got one too, it's just a puss out to not have to respond to comments. If Fimoculous was a tumblog, I would have nowhere to rant. Ok, I'd still have mnspeak.

posted by taulpaul at 3:41 PM on May 9, 2008

Eck, I hate hearing my own voice on this site. Every time I express an opinion here, I regret it.

posted by Rex at 3:43 PM on May 9, 2008

/know your site had comments

posted by kelton at 3:43 PM on May 9, 2008

actually, I think Rex does a really great job summarizing his opinions in a sentence or two. that is exactly the reason why i love this site so much.. I have no patience for lengthy blog entries..

posted by marrina at 3:43 PM on May 9, 2008

Dude, that's the curse of being smart. You want to be right, you want to say something intelligent. Then you put it out there and seventeen people show you how you were wrong. It sucks, I know. When I got excoriated for my stupid Sarah Lacy post, I felt like an idiot for days. But you are smart. You do have something to say. For example: the criticisms here of the Hills and 'your corporate mentality' - I'm pretty sure you could come up with a defence for that based in the postmodern collapse of those neat binaries of good/bad, pure/sellout. So... I guess I'm trying to nicely say 'suck it up'? Maybe not quite that. But you get what I'm saying. I'm no internet celeb, but I did just discuss some of your ideas in a PhD level theory comp oral. So... yeah.

Of course, I hope you appreciate the irony of me giving you something like a pep talk.

posted by Nav at 3:44 PM on May 9, 2008

Should I make a tumblr? It seems easier/more exhausting. Aaron thinks I'm joking about this. Or should I say Aaron "hopes" I'm joking about this.

posted by stevemarsh at 3:48 PM on May 9, 2008

If you need more than a couple sentences to explain The Hills or freaking Heidi, you're over thinking them.

On the other hand. This requires further discussion.

posted by taulpaul at 3:49 PM on May 9, 2008

I love talkin smack, playing the insider/outsider game, theorizing about the pulp. But I feel it's like a betrayal to the logic of this particular site. I should be writing that stuff elsewhere. (Still working on setting that up.)

Also, I don't remember saying "transparency is only for those who have nothing to hide," but that definitely sounds like me joking.

posted by Rex at 3:54 PM on May 9, 2008

I would change every post, from now on, to a bitstrip comic. That should keep you busy.

posted by taulpaul at 3:59 PM on May 9, 2008

Ah. In that case, ignore everything I just said. I do agree with marrina though - that your 1 or 2 sentence 'posititionings' are often enough.

posted by Nav at 4:09 PM on May 9, 2008

Wow. There's a REALLY painful JS error in ie7 where every time I enter a character in the comment box, it displays an error.

Also, your recent posts box is halfway down the page (which is about 3 page heights down).

Other than that, everything appears to be working :D

posted by MikeS at 4:20 PM on May 9, 2008

Here's your chance to jump onto the link blogging bandwagon

posted by taulpaul at 4:24 PM on May 9, 2008


I love that you posted this open thread, focused on you and your site, and that this many people are into it. Including me.

I don't know if that's good or bad, but I think it means you're doing something right.

But you know, never discount the rush of radical change.

posted by chuck at 5:01 PM on May 9, 2008

Wow, this thread went downhill after the New Yorkers left.

posted by John Carney's Colostomy Bag at 5:11 PM on May 9, 2008

No, man, I know plenty about MN and the Dakotas already.

Like others, I don't want more of your opinions, which will be safely and smugly ironic anyway.

I want more about your consumption.

I want realtime feeds of your bank balance and calorie intake.

I want you to install one of those Japanese toilets that analyzes
your urine, and I want the analyses online after every flush.
Daily weigh-ins, too.

An RFID chip embedded in your ass cheek (you choose which one).

I want the contents (by UPC, natch) of your fridge.

I want you to Twitter descriptions of the porn you're watching as you're jerking off. Weekly sperm counts, too, while you're at it.

I want dynamic graphics that let me know the quantity and quality of your every drug stash (pill bottles that empty and refill and lines of blow representing grams, for example--color coded for purity).

I want your monthly electric, water, and, if applicable, natural gas usage.

Full disclosure of your investments.

I want the frequency, Kenneth!

posted by Kevin at 5:17 PM on May 9, 2008

Chuck sent me.

Maybe next time I see you we'll get a chance to talk. :-)

I'll be at streaming media east.

posted by steve Garfield at 5:27 PM on May 9, 2008

the best feeds ever!

posted by march at 5:41 PM on May 9, 2008

I want someone to stop bolding.

posted by butchie at 5:49 PM on May 9, 2008

So ironic it's not, so unironic it is.

posted by Aaron at 5:52 PM on May 9, 2008

I want more. More links. More commentary. More favourite X for the next 5 minutes.

I'd really prefer it if your links didn't open in a new window though.

posted by dean at 5:55 PM on May 9, 2008

I want my internet virginity back, or something that would make me having given it up worthwhile.

posted by sandmanonthemoon at 6:09 PM on May 9, 2008

This is a lovely little exercise in ego stroking. Sometimes living in the reality of your own life is painful but blogging about it makes it all better, doesn't it?
Don't believe the hype Rex.

posted by Hagz at 8:20 PM on May 9, 2008

Yes, it's true, my life is painful.

posted by Rex at 8:35 PM on May 9, 2008

So let us now close with a pain prayer.

posted by chuck at 10:33 PM on May 9, 2008

1. Well I wanted to know what you've been doing in NYC all this time since moving. Now I know from upthread.

2. More commenty interactive things like this. Maybe some clever polls just to get things started? In the past few weeks you've linked to stuff citing this site alongside the very big blogs. That status level was news to me. Thought I was special, reading a small special thing, but no. Yet there is rarely sustained and vocal presence in your comment sections, just a few here and there. I say find a way to keep people sticking around and doing stuff and enable/allow their community to happen.

4.Tay Zonday ban. There's no way that voice really comes out of that head. It's creepy!


posted by Eric at 2:17 AM on May 10, 2008

Hey RX,

Link out goes spaz-tastic on ol' iPhone i.e. opens new window, but orig window forgets what the 'ell it's supposed to be... minor quibble.

Oh, and don't hate me for being beautiful. Seriously.

posted by Edge at 2:58 AM on May 10, 2008

A design update/refresh would go a long way. Otherwise, I've always thoroughly enjoyed this site. I would ditto would someone else said: keep up the links, but it's your own spin/thoughts/commentary that I keep coming back for.

posted by Dan at 8:45 AM on May 10, 2008

Could definitely use a design refresh. (Prolly not the lime green / dark gray theme though. That was horrific.) I've developed a fondness for the IA of this one, so a refresh would mostly be visual.

posted by Rex at 10:03 AM on May 10, 2008

You're killing it, but I could use more of your point of view attached to some of your link posts - kinda like you did on 'grand theft reality'

Keep it up.

posted by Tom at 1:02 PM on May 12, 2008

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