oct 21

slow century

 120 Minutes (Sundays on MTV2) played the new "You Know You're Right" Nirvana video last night. It was a boring montage of Kurt photos, but I think they were being cheeky by following it up with an old Vines video. Oh yeah, The Guardian somehow scored the rights to print the Cobain Diaries. Lots of stuff there.

 It's "likely" that I become a millionaire. How about you?

 I was looking around a few nights ago for a good subscription online video source. I like my new Vaio so much I thought about watching whole movies on it. Intertainer seemed to be the placed to go. Well, good thing I didn't subscribe.

 NY Times Review of Books disses the new Umberto Eco novel.

 Powerpoint Anthology of Literature.

 The Japanese Apple Switch Campaign proves bodily language and Microsoft distrust are universal.

 Boing Boing has a link to a surreal Urdu advert implicating Coke as "drinking the blood of martyred Palestinians."

 New unreleased Morrissey songs.

 Coming out on DVD tomorrow: Pavement's Slow Century and Jarmusch's Down By Law.

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