oct 23

tidy little pop categories

Lots of smack for the minions today. In triplicate. Feast:


 Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God. Kyra Sedgwick & Parker Posey & Fairuza Balik in the same movie?

 Nerve interviews Brett Easton Ellis on the movie version of Rules of Attraction. "One of my only complaints about the movie was that it was so much colder and harsher than the book. It's like Kubrick directing a college film."

 Protest: Tolkien Towers vs. Twin Towers.


 Republicans copy the Switch campaign. Also: some new Switch people: Gianni Jacklone | DJ Qbert | Fabiola Torres.

 Interview: Marissa Mayer, Product Manager, Google.

 I thought about going to PopTech this year, but didn't. WiredNews reviews it.


 Nick Hornby, the author of High Fidelity and About a Boy, picks his 10 record tracks he could not imagine living without. It includes Teenage Fanclub, Springsteen, and Prince's "Sexy MF."

 Music geeks use Lost in Translation to esoteric results.

 Elephant 6 Is Dead.


 ConspiracyChick.com was mentioned on this week's Alias, and a geocities site was faked for last week's Buffy.

 Watching The Simpsons in Thailand.

 Final episode of Push, Nevada airs this week. That million is so mine.


 The excellent recent "Classifieds" episode of This American Life is available (audio).

 Lynn Hirschberg of Rolling Stone hosts this week's Studio 360.

 All Thing's Considered (NPR) had a 13-minute piece (audio link) on Minnesota's senatorial race between Paul Wellstone and Norm Coleman.


 A Canuck won the Booker Prize. (Three Canadians were nominated this year.)

 Michel Houellebecq: innocent.

 Penguin Classics is being redesigned.

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