oct 25


 I saw They Might Be Giants last night. That's weird.

 The first BMW film of the second season is out: Hostage, directed by John Woo.


 Wow, ever wanted to know what Kabukicho (the sex district of Tokyo) was like? Well, here ya go. (As they say in the chat rooms: sorta not safe for work.)

 I need a last-minute Halloween getup.

 42 hours of Buckminster Fuller online video: Everything I Know.

 Betamax videoboxes and shells.

 Japanase kids are suffering from an isolated psychological disease -- modern hermits. Weird.

 Buffy fans are all bubbly over the new Once More With Feeling CD. I'm not biting, but here's a medley if you're curious. While you're at it, rate the buffy look-alike.

 Datecam is using the Flash Comm Server to interesting success.

 Black People Love Us. Dot-com.

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