oct 28

we'll miss you

 I'm back again. Paul's death rattled me. Thank you, Paul, for being the most human politician of our times. (Cursor has all the reading material, if you need to catch up.)

 I finally saw Bowling for Columbine last night. The best part is the critique of fear culture. Anyway, an hour later I found this site by accident.

 I just give the headlines, you make up your own mind whether to gasp: Mariah Carey Covers Def Leppard On New Album.

 IGN has the actual full cursed video from The Ring that causes death. Looks like Buñuel's senior thesis.

 I met a couple local bloggers over the weekend: Incoming Signals and Blogumentary. Good stuff. And for those who keep up with their blog brethren: Anil chooses life, and Arts & Letters Daily is back from the dead, Dack has gone back to the future.

 City Pages looks at the the Lizzie Borden porn oeuvre, which Salon and PBS's Frontline chirped about a few months ago. Apparently, Lizzie is popular enough to be in the Top 10.

 The Times has its way with Grand Theft Auto.

 Things overheard at the STD clinic.

 The Solaris remake website has launched.

 The text archive, textZ has relaunched. 677 experimental, avant-garde, and theory-driven texts.

 I missed this story from last week: North Dakota is considering paying college grads $10,000 to stay in the state for five years after graduating.

 Kronos Quartet meets NASA.

 I received my very first PayPal donation today. Thanks Waxy! If you feel like contributing to the cause that is Fimoculous, here are your options.

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