oct 29

define this

 Shift has an okay Top 10 Defining Moments In Digital Culture. Attaching dates to events that seem long ago is probably the most interesting aspect (Aug 1995: Suck.com launches; 1997: first MP3 online; July 31, 1998: Jenni on Letterman).


 Umberto Eco interview in the new Bookforum.

 I hadn't heard that Dan Savage has a new book out.

 More scary attempts by Republicans to use Flash.

 McSweeney's: Windows Messages, As If Rewritten By Scott, This Guy Who Bullied Me In Second Grade.

 I remember not too long ago when those handheld DVD players came out, priced around $1200. Now there's one for $200.

 The 20 Worst Video Games of All Time.

 Life Lessons of the Buffyverse.

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