nov 8


 God, that sucked. And my former progressive state has become a Republican hot bed. Oh, who am I kidding. Since Jesse, I've completely given up. What else has happened? Let's see:

 The Economist hypothesized the death of the video store.

 The NY Observer dared you to go and boo at Al Pacino in the new Brecht play.

 TechTV is dying.

 MetaFilter released custom t-shirts.

 Popular Science gave BMW's iDrive cockpit-of-the-future a drubbing.

 A new Kylie Monogue video came out that has some neat digital tricks.

 The preview for the new Atom Egoyan film came out.

 Pete Townshend reviewed the Cobain diaries, which are full of the phrase "I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend."

 Barbie got kinky.

 Tony Pierce came out with another great photo essay to the tune of a verse-chorus-verse post-political world.

 Anthony Lane did a good Bond piece in the New Yorker. (See also: The Art of James Bond.)

 Dems got angry. Dot-com.

 There. Forgive me?

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