nov 10

back to the future

Today's theme: The Past And The Future.

 I come from a family of bankers, so some of my most vivid childhood memories are centered on financial activities in the bank -- watching the check-sorting machine, learning to count change before anyone in second grade, investigating the secret compartments of the vault. So photographer Arthur Levine's collection of photographs for Chase Manhattan Bank is like trip down financial memory lane.

 Between the new BMW film, the Foxlight short films series, and the local documentary festival going on this weekend, I'm not sure I'll ever watch a full-length movie again.

 The "new" Rolling Stone might surprise us yet. The most recent cover is The Simpson's, and there's even a link to the 1990 Bart cover story which as a midwestern high-schooler I recall reading in a B. Dalton checkout lane.

 The Times: Edgard Allan Poe was a cosmological genius.

 How retro. GNR fans riot.

 I've been thinking about getting one of those new Tablet PCs just to play around with it. C|Net reviews the whole new lot.

 The entire video of the blogs-as-media summit at Berkeley, which received a lot of press a few months ago.

 Full Solaris trailer.

 Nokia's new game phone.

 Tetris championship MPEG (large download).

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