nov 12

the movie

 Derrida, the movie, made its stop through town this weekend. As you'd expect, it falls short on insight into the mind or the matter, but it's also far from dismissible. It's goofy enough to avoid being pedantic (absent narratorial quips about Seinfeld and Anne Rice), and smart enough to get your prof in the door (voice-over excerpts of Derrida's work as he preps toast in the morning). Besides dwelling too much on his relationship to biographical critique (it's an easy handle for this film to grab), it's otherwise an important "minor work" in the collected works -- and, according to this surprisingly good interview in the L.A. Weekly, even Derrida liked it. Here's a page of reviews.

 Did you know there was such a thing as the Billboard Independent Albums Chart? I didn't, and what's even more strange is I only know 5 of the albums in the top 20.

 It had to happen: Which Winona Are You?

 The 25-year anniversary issue of AJR is out, and Ms. Barbara Palser has an article looking at the history of online news.

 For Kubrick fans: Terry Southern on a lost Dr. Strangelove scene.

 Bill Mahar was on Fresh Air last week.

 Movielink, the attempt by five major studios to rent videos online, has launched. The selection sucks, but having Under the Cherry Moon and Parralax View at my fingertips is somehow reassuring.

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