nov 14

sigor, signor

 Saw Sigur Ros last night. Despite declaring them the best band of 2001, I also worried they might be a flash-in-the-pan indie band, around for an album or two until the novelty of a screaching Icelandic kid wore off. But I think there might be longevity in the works here, a la Radiohead. That's not a prediction, but I'd bet on it.

 Salon is offering a free one-day subscription to its premium content if you view a Mercedes advert. It might be worth it, to get ahold of this Steve Earle profile and Deconstructing Buffy.

 Speaking of Buffy, Tuesday night's episode was in my top five of all time -- even better than last week's appearance by The Breeders. USA Today gave it four outta four.

 Slate: Is Nancy Pelosi Really That Liberal?

 New Kevin Spacey / Kate Winslet movie: The Life Of David Gale.

 It's not often that I call New Yorker articles important anymore, but I think David Remnick's take on Turkey and Orhan Pamuk is really worth your time. Print it, snuggle into bed with it, and dream, dream, dream.

 Parker Posey sound files. "huh huh hello!"

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