nov 15

Pelosi Overdrive

Howdy hombres. How many people forwarded you that godfreakingweird Michael Jackson picture today? I win. Nine. Anyway, today's the day to introduce a new permanent feature: Fimoc Band Name Of The Day. Today's: Pelosi Overdrive. On with the show...

 2002 Ultimate Space Holiday Gift Guide. Or perhaps for the one you love, a defibrilator.

 If only I knew about these in high school shop class.

 Steven Johnson, of fame, has his own blog.

 Another crazy Nokia.

 Linking to a new Jakob Nielsen interview is sorta like, oh, I dunno, linking to a new Guns 'N Roses song.

 "ThriftDeluxe is a non-commercial contemporary DIY zine which strives to enthuse and arouse creativity that we believe lies in all of us."


 Some people drop the noise with two turntables and a microphone; others, a barcode scanner, google and wireless internet.

 I love this state.

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