nov 16

The Liking

 An advance copy of the new Foo Fighters album landed on my desk a couple months ago. After a long day of work, I lazily slid it into the car stereo on the way home, whispering to myself, "I'm afraid I'll like this." Eight minutes later I took it out, and breathed aloud, "Wheh." Same scenario last night seeing Pearl Jam on Letterman, except this time I liked it. Damn. Fimoc Band Name Of The Day: The Liking

 On the newstand this month, I noticed that Punk Planet is retaliating the surge of goth porn with punk porn. Or maybe it's the same genre.

 Since I'm being racy today, a spam about "becoming a phone actress" today led me to Well, of course a telephone porn company would have a website looking for talent, but I didn't imagine it would be so friendly. You can even check your financial reports.

 Looks like A Confederacy of Dunces will finally become a movie.

 I'm not much of a video game player anymore, but I'm seriously thinking about getting an xBox just to play around with the new xBox Live, an internet gaming environment.

 New Beck video: "Lost Cause".

 The person behind the marvelous Making Sense Of Duchamp has created an online version of Aspen, a multimedia art mag published from 1965 to 1971. Issue 3 is Warholian; issue 4, McLuhanesque; issue 8, Fluxus, issue 9, psychedelic. Here's some Burroughs and Robbe-Grillet audio to whet the whistle.

 Rock Paper, Scissors World Championships.

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