nov 18

anarchist parenting

Fimoc Band Name Of The Day: Anarchist Parent. They're the Sonic Youth that your big sister listened to.

 Okay, I stole it.

 Proof that science fiction has a lot of catching up to do: the modern wedding portrait.

 Uh-oh. The Justice Department is investigating the two big alt-weekly companies, Village Voice Media and New Times Media, for antitrust. (Can you imagine that sentence being written 30 years ago?)

 Or how about this one: Army Dismisses Six Gay Arabic-Speaking Linguists.

 I saw Far From Heaven over the weekend. It reminded me of this cool site: The ads are the best.

 The Times notices

 I'm still not completely sold on Whedon's newest, Firefly, but I like the blog.

 Ben Sherman has a new webiste. (If you know me in the physical world, you know I wear too many Ben Sherman shirts.)

 If for some reason you want to read another Dave Eggers profile, The Guardian has one.

 NY Times Mag interviews Dean Barkley, who is a senator from Minnesota for a couple weeks. "Running a car wash was probably the most difficult job I ever had in my life."

 Spielberg is remaking Kurosawa's Ikura? I don't even understand this story. "It will be the third Kurosawa film to be remade after The Seven Samurai and High And Low." Huh? When? What?

 Pitchfork posted 50 of its top 100 albums of the '80s. The other 50 arrive tomorrow.

 Time's Best Inventions of 2002.

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