nov 26

letter to america

 I spent part of Day Off #1 reading and re-reading the full text of Bin Laden's "Letter To America." It's a marvelous work of propaganda and counter-propaganda. While it does (almost regrettably) contain moments of truth, by the time I was done with it I was convinced that Osama had mastered the technique of appropriating the occasional liberal-democratic philosophy to propel his own twisted agenda.

 A truly horrible use of Flash for a truly horrible song. Okay, a little amusing.

 David Eggers is a dick, according to David Sedaris. You have to jump to the second page to get this quote: "Dave Eggers is a huge pain in the ass. A huge pain in the ass... He's a horrible person... but he's a really good writer."

 I've linked to all the other ones, so what why stop now? The newest from, staring Gary Oldman and James Brown with a guest appearance by Marilyn Manson: Beat The Devil.

 The Onion: Modern-Day Proust E-Mails Friend Six Times A Day.

 SomaFM appears to be back. (For those who missed it, new digital radio legislation nearly killed it and many other internet radio stations a couple months ago.)

 The New Yorker has a piece on the overlooked composer Arvo Pärt.

 Apple self-parodies their own Switch campaign.

 In a conversation about blogging last night, Chuck said this: I think the pseudo-compliment "You should have a blog" is the new "You should try to get on the 'Real World'." This seems incredibly accurate.

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