nov 27

for the kids

 Now the kiddies can ransack civilian dwellings just like their heroes! (Ages 5 and up.)

 Wall Street Journal has on okay story on online personalization models, which touches on privacy and paranoia. Includes bits on TiVo, Amazon, and NetFlix.

 From the new issue of Film Comment: "Oliver Stone is working on a trilogy of documentaries on political leaders who oppose Western hegemony: the first on Fidel Castro (already completed), the second on Yasser Arafat, and the third on Kim Jung-il. For the second film, Stone has interviewed not only Arafat by Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and members of Al-Aqsa."

 The Museum of Black Superheroes.

 Decent online comic: Nowhere Girl.

 Hard-to-Find Magazine Subscriptions on

 The Voice on the $10 million donation to Poetry.

 Hmmmm.... is this the new editorial direction of City Pages? This was news two months ago, and only marginally interesting then. I guess I'm glad Steve Perry is back though.

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