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Fucking Steampunk

Update: Xeni wrote to point out that the reason the post was deleted was because it was accidentally double-posted to BoingBoing Gadgets. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, which basically invalidates most of what I say below.

LAT's Web Scout on Violet Blue's scrubbing from BoingBoing. I've got an inkling of an idea of what happened, based upon previous gossip I heard. But I'll wait for a while to see what emerges. Anyway, some people have been asking me what exactly BoingBoing deleted about me. I've decided to reproduce the post, which was originally at this location, but is now gone:

Filmolicious [sic] dug a 15-year-old copy of Wired issue 1.0 out and gave it a loving, thoroughgoing examination through the lens of history. My life was changed by that issue -- I read it on the bus on the way to university in Waterloo, Ontario, got off the bus, took one look at the campus, and thought, "Christ, why am I here, when all this stuff is going on out there?" A few months later, I'd dropped out to program CD ROMs for the Voyager company, whose wares had been reviewed in that inaugural issue.

I remember exactly where I was when the first issue of Wired was handed to me. Exiting a coffee shop called The Urban Stampede -- the only coffee shop within 70 miles of the small midwest state school I was attending -- a friend accosted me, clutching a mysterious magazine with a striped spine. He shoved it in my hands, exasperated, "You have to see this." Wired instantly became required reading for all of our friends.

And our favorite part of the magazine was buried in the back, in the pages that articles jumped to: the colophon.

There were probably two reasons why we loved the colophon: 1) we had no idea what a colophon was, and 2) it showed the means of production of the magazine. The colophon listed the computers (Apple Macintosh II), the printers (HP Scanjet IIc), the layout software (Quark XPress), and even the routers (Farallon). And then it concluded with some music (Dinosaur Jr., Curve, k.d. lang, etc.) and a final heading for "drugs of choice" (caffeine, sugar, Advil).

My post that they are referencing is here, and the reason I think it was deleted is here.

See also: MeFi erupts in speculation.

UPDATE #1: BoingBoing responds, sorta.

UPDATE #2: Valleywag floats rumors.


I have unsubscribed from the Boing Boing feed myself, my brother.

I said to myself "If I see one more post about freakin' papercraft bullshit, I'm out of here." And there it was.

Everything I see on that site I have already run across (or "stumbled upon," as it were) a few days earler.

posted by Rico Suave at 8:15 AM on July 1, 2008

Inkling? Stop with the pussyfooting around and out with it.

posted by jkottke at 10:50 AM on July 1, 2008

Hah. I'm trying to find out for sure, but let's just say I think it involves a love triangle... salacious!

posted by Rex at 10:52 AM on July 1, 2008

Now that they've posted on it...give us the juicy details please.

posted by Jake at 1:39 PM on July 1, 2008

Alright, I can't find anyone to back up the rumor I heard, so I'm backing off my claim. NEVERMIND, AS YOU WERE.

posted by Rex at 2:58 PM on July 1, 2008

I heard that it is because Violet no longer believes in Bob.

posted by Jim at 4:35 PM on July 1, 2008

TNH's gone haywire and disemvowel'd the site.

posted by John at 7:31 PM on July 1, 2008

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