dec 9
2002 no longer

I spent many hours this weekend making my own DVR (I don't want to buy a TiVo). After all the new software and two more PCI cards, I was almost there. Now I can't seem to find a codec that will play MPEG-2.

 Strom Thurmond is 100. Here he is defending segregation (audio).

 Preview to the new Gus Van Sant: Gerry. And a new John Cusack: Identity.

 Stunning panorama shots.

 New Extreme Stick Death (episode 9).

 Phillip Torrone (of Fallon fame) has a new website dedicated to the Segway.

 Okay profile of DigPen, a four-year accredited school for video game design.

 Keith Haring coloring book.

 While all the cool kidz are obsessing about obsession, you might want to check out the original New Yorker story that sparked the movie.

 Law & Order: The Online Game.

 Yahoo! Year In Review.

 Hey, someone actually read and reviewed The Matrix and Philosophy., not really any longer.

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