dec 10

digit art

It's digital art festival day.

 A dozen artists "free" the source image of a stock character used by advertising agencies. Annlee comes to life in No Ghost Just A Shell.

 Take a Tablet PC with GPS to 34 North 118 West in L.A. and you can wander "through a space inhabited with the sonic ghosts of another era."

 TextArc is like sorta like a beautiful visualized concordance. It takes works like Hamlet and Alice In Wonderland and draws gigantic word diagrams.

 Yeah, I don't even know what this is.

 The text from "Arsewoman in Wonderland", a paintings consisting of the textual narration of a porn film involving Alice In Wonderland. (The artist has been shortlisted for the UK's Turner Prize this year.)

 An extremely complicated 3-D sound mixer thing.

 Unmovie is almost too hard for me to describe, so here it is from Described as hypercinema, Unmovie is an exercise in chatter-bot and human collaborative screenwriting. Fuzzy philosopher bots engage in real-time chat with humans, and words from the chat log are trigger edits in footage from a database of found video. These trigger words appear over the video stream to partially contextualise the edits while leaving much open to interpretation. If your screen is big enough, you can become both auteur and spectator (although the audio streams might fight) -- watching the video stream while chatting to the bots and pondering just how your words may be influencing the narrative.

 And finally, hot off the presses, is a very cool local artist resource.

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