dec 16

forget the past

Somewhere in the middle of 2.5 bottles of wine, I said "Al Gore is the Axl Rose of politics," so I knew it was time to stop. Let's get on with the links.

 The past just won't die. New Mad Max? Rocky VI? Ugh.

 Not exactly a sea change: limited-edition Beck iPod.

 New DJ Shadow video for "Walkie Talkie".

 McSweeney's is publishing the next William Vollman novel. Eggers is probably the only one who wouldn't force an edit down from six volumes and 3,500 pages.

 Cronenberg's new movie: Spider. (The trailer.) The Guardian interviews him.

 The Times Ethicist on Googling. New Yorker cartoon on "being Googled".

 International Museum of Flight Attendant Uniforms.

 Why Axl, why?

 Post: 10 Critical Flaws.

 ...and the award for Biggest Zip File I've Downloaded this year goes to: Matrix Reloaded trailer. (Trust me, don't bother.)

 If you're in the biz, you know that Reuters does some of the best infographics in the industry. Their hidden "pick of the week" graphic this week is an odd one, which is why I link to it: The Lord of the Rings Map.

 For those who missed it, Firefly has been cancelled. Joss vents here.

 Yeah, duh, I'll link to it. Times Mag Year In Ideas.

 Yup. Entertainement Weekly Best And Worst of 2002.

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