dec 17

personal velocity

You want fall-out, I'll give you fall-out. The company Christmas party this year is in a bowling alley. Wait, maybe that's cool dot-com chic? Hook it up:

 After seeing Personal Velocity last weekend, I truly hope it provides the opportunity to re-appropriate the term "chick flick" and turn it into riot grrl cinema. Go see it.

 McSweeney's: Items from the Neiman Marcus 2002 Christmas Book.

 Top 10 Outsider Videos.

 You've probably seen's Saddameter, but I'm actually a little surprised it hasn't gotten more attention. (But I do think the percentage is a little high.)

 Oh, you didn't get me anything for Chistmas? Why, yes, I'd love the Beckett on Film DVD set. Gimme.

 Visionary architectural drawings over at MoMA: Changing of the Avant-Garde.

 Amazon's best music of 2002.

 From The Philosopher's Magazine: How To Be A Philosopher.

 Flash movie for art history majors.

 For local hipsters, I highly recommend Mel's Beauty Bar, which I crashed this weekend.

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