dec 22

not a media blog

I was recently thinking of giving Fimoculous a subtitle: not a media blog. It's a snarky attempt to differentiate myself from the spate of them lately. I was blogging before "blog" was a word, and as I see people turn their blogs into career moves, there has been a self-imposed pressure to turn Fimoc into a "new media" space. But, no, I remain committed to exposing arcane internet subcultures, musing on Tina Fey's eyeware, and blabbing about post-modern architectural theory, thereby guaranteeing that the 1,500 of you who come here every day doesn't turn into 15,000 and I don't start to take this too seriously. Populism be damned.

 This is awesome. In a narrative much better than it sounds, Creative Commons uses the example of adding a bassist to the White Stripes as a metaphor for the internet and copyright.

 It's funny how the mainstream press completely missed (or ignored) Trent Lott's racism the first time around, but they're absolutely not going to miss the story about bloggers bringin on the noise the second time. Here's one and another and another and another and another and another and.... And none of them see the irony of this.

 Res finally has its Spike Jonze feature up. (The video collection isn't there, despite the promise of the print mag.) Spike also directed Ikea's new Unboring campaign (click on the tv).

 More ads: Nike Bike Messenger series.

 Post has a piece about the legal dangers of blogging at work.

 Wired News adds its version of a "weird news" category (which are showing up on all news websites lately): Furthermore.

 New Times multimedia: Envisioning Downtown.

 Usually one of the best Year In Review pieces of the year (how's that for meta?), Salon's year in tech is ho-hum this year.

 CyberJournalist: Top Online Journalism Stories of 2002.

 Todd Haynes is working on a Dylan biopic, according to AICN.

 The Beast: 2002 Most Loathsome People in America.

 Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums and Tiny Mixed Tapes' Top 20 Albums of 2002.

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