dec 24

new Delillo

 Bookmuch has a "world exclusive" review of the new DeLillo novel, Cosmopolis, which isn't out until April.

 In one of the worst pieces of speculative tech reportage I've seen in a while, The Register is predicting that Microsoft will buy Macromedia.

 Decent photo-essaying: Lauren Greenfield's Girl Culture. My favorite is a Time essay with some girls from Edina.

 Ask Snoop.

 In college, "The State" was a big deal. It disappeared, but this site has every skit.

 The Buffy Sex Chart.

 Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart play chess in the trailer to X-2.

 Fouad Ajami is everywhere lately. Long Foreign Affairs piece on Iraq and the Arabs' Future.

 Top SciTech Gifts 2002., a place for realtime visualizations community.

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