dec 30

best blogs 2002

The 23 Best Blogs of 2002, cuz I said so:

  1. BoingBoing -- The Metafilter it's (really) okay to like.
  2. -- I hope it lasts.
  3. Anil Dash -- Not only is it full of ideas and fun, but Anil's fracas with Little Green Footballs will go down in the cult history of blogging.
  4. Gizmodo -- Gadgets, toys, and tech that makes me desire.
  5. BlogPlus -- The only entry in the distasteful category of "personal weblog," Plain Layne this year divulged her misconceived trip to Spain, her experiments with a shrink, her hunt for her birth mother, and her recent girl toy. JenniCam for the lit set.
  6. Link Machine Go -- I steal at least one link from here per week.
  7. E-Media Tidbits -- Instead of Romenesko or Lost Remote, this Poynter blog gets this year's media blog award.
  8. Tony Pierce -- He grew on me like creeping jenny.
  9. Magnetbox -- Interesting stuff that online media people create HREFs for.
  10. Moby Lives. The only replacement for Lingua Franca.
  11. Whedonesque -- All Buffy, all the time.
  12. Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think -- My single biggest guilty pleasure of 2002.
  13. NSOP. Always has something I haven't seen.
  14. Pitchfork. For your indie rock news needs.
  15. RobotWisdom -- An oldie, and still a goodie.
  16. -- Cultural ephemera worth it.
  17. Stephen Berlin Johnson -- Internet visionary finally gets a blog.
  18. SmartMobs -- See above.
  19. Muxway -- Short, fast, good.
  20. -- She makes me practice French.
  21. wood s lot -- Ageless.
  22. Talking Points Memo -- "Blogging as journlism" was the most over-hyped story of the year, but any list of 2002 must include one of those guys, so here's the one that matters most.
  23. Metafilter -- I'm trying to make a point by putting it at the bottom.

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