jan 3

blogging for trouble

 Yah! Season Three of Buffy on DVD came out today. (UPDATE: Now wait one darn minute. Just 60 seconds ago it said "Available January 3," and now it says January 7. I even have a receipt saying it has been sent to me. I feel a tantrum of evil-Willow proportion coming on.)

 Is everyone else watching VH1's I Love The '80s? I honestly hated the '80s, and I'm totally surprised how much I love this series.

 Nick Denton has posted an opportunity for what must be somebody's dream job: erotic blogger. I can't imagine looking through those resumes. Maybe someone at MyMasturbation.com will apply.

 Dan Gilmour's Tech Forecast for 2003 and Salon's Top 10 Technology Predictions for 2003.

 Times: review of the new Microsoft Smart Display and how it isn't the Tablet PC.

 I haven't browsed Google Catalogs for a while, but I just noticed they have a bunch of old Facets catalogs.

 Super Hero Food Gallery.

 Matt of Metafilter has launched the site he's been talking about for years: Ticketstubs. The idea is that the material residue of an event is the stub, which coincides with a memory, both of which you can share on the site.

 NBA Lego All-Stars.

 The City Pages "Artist of the Year" issues is always the best of its kind because it has no pretense to being comprehensive.

 Top Ten Shameful Games.

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