jan 5

mailer con

 Odd? Norman Mailer in The American Conservative on "why he is a Left-Conservative."

 We've tried everything else, so maybe porn can establish peace in the Middle East (don't worry, safe link).

 Follow-up: Why I Turned Pepys' Diary Into a Weblog.

 One of the geekiest things I've ever seen: Minneapolis Trekies have created an entire episode of Star Trek that looks remarkably like the original series.

 Times: New York's Best Traffic Cop.

 Advocate: Top 10 Gayest Moments on TV in 2002.

 Metafilter has a post about Chuck's Times Mag piece comparing the deaths of Dee Dee Ramone and Robbin Crosby. I got plastered with Chuck three nights in a row last weekend and not once did we argue about the balance of populism and criticism, but he did say Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, his next book, a series of essays about junk culture, will be out this summer.

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