jan 7


 I'm looking for movie posters to decorate my house. I'm pretty sure I'll get something from this list of Egyptian Posters of American Movies.

 Slate: Virginia Woolf Would Have Hated The Hours.

 50 years ago, Beckett's Waiting for Godot debuted to much derision. The Guardian looks back: Godotmania.

 The Matt Groening-curated 2002 L.A. All Tomorrow's Parties will include Boredoms, Breeders, Danielson Famile, Yo La Tengo, and more.

 PBS's Media Matters site has launched. First episode is Jan. 16.

 I was going to link to this story a couple weeks ago about an upcoming Andre Breton garage sale. But it's more interesting now that there's a protest.

 Nice-Tits.org (not what you think).

 The New Yorker and Slate are among those being prepped for the Tablet PC.

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