jan 9


 Couple good Iraqi finds: Saddam's son's newspaper, which is full of propaganda. And a cool Iraqi blogger, which provides a great insider view to the daily life in Iraq.

 Simply true.

 There's a rumor that the new Massive Attack album is out there for download on this crazy little internet somewhere. I won't say where, but I gotta point you to the hard-to-find Todd Haynes Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story MPEGs. Illegal-Art.org has other amazing vids and audio.

 TV news: WB has a reality show coming up that stars Corey Feldman, MC Hammer, Emmanuel Lewis, and Vince Neil. UPN isn't picking up Firefly. And WB is working on a commercial-free live variety show.

 Microsoft gets into the watch market. Here's what they'll look like and here's what they'll do. Looks like it's time to retire my Diesel.

 Incidentally, Some sort of new Diesel + Music thing that I don't get.

 All the Britney gossip you could need in four simple paragraphs: she's hanging out with Vin Diesel, she's recording with Fred Durst, and she gets mobbed at the deli. Ahem, what is wrong with the state of music journalism?

 There.com. For those still waiting for The Sims Online

 Created by Kevin Spacey, Trigger Street allows independent filmmakers and screenwriters to upload movies and screenplays that get reviewed and critiqued by the others in the community. There's a festival going on right now which is judged by Mike Myers, Annette Bening, and Bono. The registration process is torturous, but inside are some hidden finds.

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