jan 16

tiny bubbles

 Five years ago yesterday, Drudge broke the Lewinsky story.

 VW Bubble advert with an ELO song.

 NPR interview with Nicholson Baker.

 Word on the street is that tech trade magazine New Architect is dead.

 Ad Week: Top 20 Ad Campaigns Of The Last 20 Years.

 Proof that I'll never understand high fashion.

 I should think it's cool that a 27-year-old from a dot-com mag could end up running the Times Arts section, right?

 Local yokels will like Dara's review of CafĂ© Lurcat, the replacement for The Loring. Her feelings about the change? "C'est la vie. Que sera sera. And such."

 John Le CarrĂ© in the London Times: The United States of America Has Gone Mad

 Movies and audio of Michael Moore on the Daily Show.

 Smoking Gun has the document that might reprieve Townshend.

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