jan 17


 Splendid. The video of Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," directed by Mark Romanek.

 Sports Illustrated named their Top 100 Sports Books of All Time last month. I've read exactly one of them: End Zone, by Don DeLillo (#45).

 I just noticed that Amazon.com seems to have started their "in-store pickup" idea. At least it's available for Get Your War On.

 Guardian: Samuel Beckett quiz.

 New Cory Doctorow short story in Salon. Doctorow's free download novel is also being touted.

 Speaking of which, Future Tense has been pretty good lately.

 Pitchfork gives a 9.0 rating to Out Hud's S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D., which makes me happy.

 I just randomly clicked on one of the films at the Sundance site, but my completely random choice is a marvelous attempt at hip-hop tv.

 You want sign o' the times? I'll give you sign o' the times: Fred Durst spills his heart for Britney Spears on the Limp Bizkit website. "i am a good judge of character and so is she. it just happens to be a person that i would have thought could make me feel this way. and believe that i have never felt this way, so there." Uh-huh, so there. Dude, try embarrassing yourself with something less permanent than a website, like a "Britney Forever" tattoo.

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